Margaret Cheasebro

Plays set in modern or Biblical times bring each parable to life.

The Prodigal Son and
other Parables as Plays

The fifteen plays in this book are:

“The Prodigal Son”

“The Good Samaritan”

“Ten Young Girls”

“The Talents”

“The Lost Coin”

“Laborers in the Vineyard”

“The Unmerciful Servant”

“A Friend at Midnight”

“The Great Supper”

“Lazarus, the Beggar”

“The Pharisee and Tax Collector”

“The Sower”

“The Two Sons”

“The Wicked Vineyard Tenants”

“The Hidden Treasure”

Selected Works

Alternative healing
Learn about Reiki, an alternative healing technique, with detailed information for both the curious and advanced practitioners.
Young adult novel
Three children meet on their way to summer camp near Aztec, New Mexico. They don't think they know each other, but they discover that through time they have been chased by an evil woman. She wants their blood so she can stay young, and she wants their powerful connection with nature so she can control the world. When the children arrive at camp, they discover the evil woman is waiting for them! They must work together and believe in themselves and their powerful gifts if they stand a chance of keeping the evil woman from ruling the world. Finalist in the 2015 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.
Non-fiction book
Discover the benefits of connecting with trees, including exercises and tools to help navigate life more easily. Finalist in the 2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.
Magazine Articles
Celebrating the lifestyle, community and culture of the Four Corners.

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