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The Healing Tree

Three children who meet on their way to summer camp near Aztec, New Mexico, don't think they know each other. They discover that through time they have been chased by an evil woman. She wants their blood so she can stay young, and she wants their powerful connection to nature so she can control the world. When they arrive at camp, they discover, to their horror, that the evil woman is waiting for them. She is disguised as Jasmine, the beautiful girl friend of the rich owner of the camp's international system. A magical cottonwood helps them flee from Jasmine to a Pueblo village that stood on the camp site 900 years ago. There, they meet a traveling medicine man, Sky Blue, who helps them. But Sage Handler, the village medicine man who is jealous of Sky Blue, tries to turn villagers against the children. Using the magical time traveling tree, Jasmine follows them to the Pueblo village. She joins forces with Sage Handler in her attempt to capture the children. Mysterious Baba, the summer camp's caretaker, who keeps Egyptian mummies in his basement, lends his aid to the kids. Star warriors also befriend them, because they can see how the entire universe might be affected if Jasmine achieves her goal of ruling the world. Can the children believe in themselves and their skills, work together, outwit their enemies and defeat Jasmine before she achieves her goal of controlling the world?