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Healing and Growing with Reiki: Exploring Reiki I, II and III (Reiki Master)

Kindle ebook at provides detailed information about Reiki, its up-to-date history, symbols and their uses, chakras, aura, how hand positions affect the body, step-by-step instructions for passing attunements, and more that you won’t find anywhere else. Great for novices wanting to satisfy their curiosity and for practitioners who want a deeper understanding, indepth knowledge, and creative uses for Reiki. 

The Healing Tree

Published by Casa de Snapdragon,

Healing with Trees: Finding a Path to Wholeness

This non-fiction book discusses the benefits of being around trees. It includes some of the author's experiences with trees. It also includes a variety of exercises for staying better grounded and balanced and for releasing challenging emotions. Also offered are 110 tools in eleven different categories that help us navigate life more easily.

Majestic Living Magazine

Upbeat articles about people and places of the Four Corners area.