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We recently had quite a bit of rain where I live in Farmington, New Mexico. In our area, which receives eight inches or less of rain each year, half an inch on one day is quite a lot. As a result, we have been seeing more rainbows than usual. They are quite beautiful.


One of my neighbors saw me pulling weeds in my yard and walked over to tell me about a rainbow in our neighborhood. I looked up, and there it was arched over his house. His wife stood near their driveway, a smile on her face as she looked at the rainbow. Only minutes after they pointed it out to me, it faded away. I felt fortunate to have seen it, something I would have missed if they hadn't told me about it. My eyes were focused on the ground to spot weeds, so what was going on in the sky had not been in my field of vision.


Another day, there was a brilliant rainbow in a different part of town. I was able to capture it with my camera as it seemed to shoot out of a group of trees on a tree-lined street.


Several years ago, a friend of mine, Marion Blaney, now deceased, wrote a self-published book called Across the Rainbow Bridge: A Travel Guide for Our Spiritual Journey. On the title page, she hand wrote the message, "May you always walk among rainbows!"


There is something so beautiful and colorful about rainbows that when I see them, they lift my spirits. I often see them near trees. Occasionally I spot a double rainbow, which is doubly beautiful. One of the rainbows is usually a little fainter in color than the other, but together they form twin arcs that make me stop everything I'm doing to take in their beauty.


In that state of focusing on the rainbow's beauty, I forget everything else. I am so absorbed in enjoying the rainbow that nothing else enters my mind. Letting go, even for a few seconds, of all the worries, concerns and frustrations helps to bring peace of mind.


May you find rainbows in your life just when you need them.

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